Quarterly Report #2

As with the previous three months of this year, I am putting down some thoughts at the end of the fourth quarter. The drama of the fourth quarter typically makes it the most exciting part of a football game and, even though baseball is my primary milieu for this blog, the same can be saidContinue reading “Quarterly Report #2”

2011 in review

The year is coming to a close, and everyplace you can think of seems to take this opportunity to do a retrospective on the year gone by. I’ll join the crowd for this one time, and look at what happened in 2011 for the subject that I write about the most: Cubs baseball. The biggestContinue reading “2011 in review”

Wondrous things

When I was a kid, there were two magazine subscriptions that came to my house every month. One was National Geographic World, which my maternal grandparents paid for and was also for my brothers and my sister to read. I think it came addressed to my mom. The other one was Baseball Digest. My paternalContinue reading “Wondrous things”