Baseball’s hold on me

Over the past 24 hours, three baseball-themed pieces that I wrote have appeared online. The deal between Pearl Jam and Fox Sports for the upcoming World Series was discussed in a piece on ThroughTheFenceBaseball, a memory from the 2003 Cubs season appeared on FiveWideSports, and a vision of how 2003 might have ended differently appearedContinue reading “Baseball’s hold on me”

There’s no perfect word

Last night’s baseball game between the Cardinals and the Nationals defies an easy description. It was a comeback for the ages, and an affirmation that no sport–no human endeavor, really–can surpass baseball for sheer drama. People will snicker at such a suggestion, but I don’t care. Nothing outside the realm of life and death couldContinue reading “There’s no perfect word”

The depths of winter

Today there’s snow on the ground, and the air is cold. It could be worse (at least the cold winds aren’t blowing), ┬ábut it’s far from what I want. Winter is a tolerable season, but nothing more than that to me. Football fans love this time of year. Conference championships today, and the Super BowlContinue reading “The depths of winter”

Number 12, and rising

When I started this blog last summer, it was in its own little isolated world. But the internet is like a vast ocean, and I wanted to find a way of gaining exposure to all of the other users out there, bloggers and otherwise. So one day in August I wrote a piece explaining whyContinue reading “Number 12, and rising”