Spring training and life itself

Since this winter has been dragging on and on, the news that Spring training is almost here is a welcome reminder of warmer days to come. I’ve written about Beyond the Vines before, and in a way it reminds me of something, too. Nestled among the graves at the Bohemian National cemetery on Chicago’s NorthContinue reading “Spring training and life itself”

Waiting for Spring while I still can

I complain about things sometimes. We all do. But going to cemetery can help to bring some perspective to life’s troubles. I’ve written about Beyond the Vines before, a Cubs-themed burial spot in a cemetery in Chicago. Spring training will never come again for the people whose names are on this wall, which makes theContinue reading “Waiting for Spring while I still can”

Baseball and the afterlife

I started following baseball, at least that I can remember, as far back as 1975. That was so long ago that I really don’t remember a time when the game didn’t interest me on some level. There’s more to life than baseball, and the topics I have written about here include a panoply¬†of subjects, someContinue reading “Baseball and the afterlife”