It was 20 years ago

As the election returns are coming in, I want to share a story about the 1992 election. I had volunteered for the Bill Clinton campaign, and on election night I was at the election night party for Clinton and Carol Moseley Braun. Illinois was still considered a swing state at the time, but it turnedContinue reading “It was 20 years ago”

My baseball baby

The picture above was taken in the summer of 1999. My last post about seeing Bill Clinton in Wrigley Field that year got me thinking about this topic, and this is one of the pre-digital camera photos that until this moment has only existed in a box in my basement. By digitizing it, and puttingContinue reading “My baseball baby”

Bill Clinton at the ballpark

I live in Chicago, and by now I’m used to the Secret Service helicopters flying over my house whenever the President or his family are in town. The military helicopters are usually the ones I hear, and they’re always gone in a flash. I’m sure that’s a good thing for keeping the President safe. SoContinue reading “Bill Clinton at the ballpark”