Half a loaf

It was like Black Friday without any TVs involved. I waited in lines for three hours over the weekend, hoping to get my little one enrolled in two gymnastics classes. The things we do for those we love. One class filled up, but the other was available. The wisdom of the old saying about howContinue reading “Half a loaf”

Sorry, retailers

I know you had plans for me today. You opened your stores and offered deals and expected me to come. Instead of giving thanks, I was supposed to be giving you my money. That’s the American way anymore, isn’t it? But I wasn’t going out today. And I’m not venturing out into the Black FridayContinue reading “Sorry, retailers”

A Thanksgiving message from the founding fathers

With the arrival of Thanksgiving day, everyone turns their attention to Abraham Lincoln and the proclamation that made this into a national holiday. My love and respect for Lincoln has been well-established here, but thanks to some online research, I found a Thanksgiving story that pre-dates Lincoln. And it has a lesson for our times,Continue reading “A Thanksgiving message from the founding fathers”