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While the Blackhawks have come back from Boston in triumph, the Cubs are now dropping into last place in Milwaukee. The opposite nature of these two teams–the yin and yang, if you will–was not lost on me as I wrote a piece for ThroughTheFenceBaseball last night. I don’t care too much about hockey, but itContinue reading “Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball”

No Game seven, thank you very much

Think back to those Bulls titles of the 1990s for a moment. Of the six championships, only one—against the Trailblazers in 1992–was clinched in Chicago. Had any of those series gone to a Game seven, it would have been a financial bonanza for those with tickets to the game, and for those who owned aContinue reading “No Game seven, thank you very much”

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The Blackhawks’ win in Game one of the Stanley Cup finals has pointed out the futility of rooting for a losing team like the Cubs. I wrote this piece for ThroughTheFenceBaseball, explaining that watching a mediocre team during the regular season pales in comparison to a watching a championship-caliber team during the playoffs. And anyoneContinue reading “Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball”

When Chicago met Boston

Like Chicago, Boston has a team in each of the four major sports leagues (MLB, the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL). Some other cities can also make that claim (including New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, and Phoenix), but many more can’t (such as Los Angeles, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Seattle, Milwaukee,Continue reading “When Chicago met Boston”