Pick up a pen, start writing

My heroes are writers. I’ve come to realize this in recent years, probably in some small part because of my experiences with this blog. It will be five years next month that I took the plunge and started collecting my thoughts and stories in one place. And I wish I had started it earlier thanContinue reading “Pick up a pen, start writing”

4 more years?

I wanted to have a blog for a long time before I started this one, four years ago today. What held me back? I have no idea. But now that I’ve spent four years–and who knows how many hours sitting in front of a keyboard–throwing my thoughts and images out into the world, I canContinue reading “4 more years?”

It’s the Isle of Man, man

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been calling out new nations when they join the roster of places this blog has been. The one-year anniversary of WordPress breaking them out this way is coming up soon, and the list of countries on the list is much longer than the list not on it. Today theContinue reading “It’s the Isle of Man, man”

Covering the world

Here’s the map of the world that WordPress uses to track my blog’s page views. The countries that are colored in are places where somebody has accessed something on this site at least once. A few of the remaining countries I might not ever get seen in, but then again you never know. The numberContinue reading “Covering the world”

Call me Mr. Worldwide

I have a teen-aged daughter who subjects me to hit radio every day, so I know all about Pitbull and his use of term in the title to this post. But, at least for today, I’m going to borrow it for myself. WordPress tracks the traffic to this blog by country of origin, and displaysContinue reading “Call me Mr. Worldwide”

Where the traffic comes from

After checking my Gmail and Facebook accounts when I get online, this blog is usually the third thing that I look at. A guy from Jersey Shore, which I’ve never watched, has something that he calls GTL–gym, tan, laundry. Mine is a different type of progression altogether: GFB–Gmail, Facebook, blog. Not nearly as much fun,Continue reading “Where the traffic comes from”