Was this the Mother?

Juvenile? Yes, of course it is. But when I drove past this gravesite, quite unintentionally, I saw a picture that just had to be captured. Just as this Fuka (however it’s pronounced) will be seen forever by those who visit this cemetery, so too will they be seen on this tiny little corner of theContinue reading “Was this the Mother?”

Spring training and life itself

Since this winter has been dragging on and on, the news that Spring training is almost here is a welcome reminder of warmer days to come. I’ve written about Beyond the Vines before, and in a way it reminds me of something, too. Nestled among the graves at the Bohemian National cemetery on Chicago’s NorthContinue reading “Spring training and life itself”

Baseball and the afterlife

I started following baseball, at least that I can remember, as far back as 1975. That was so long ago that I really don’t remember a time when the game didn’t interest me on some level. There’s more to life than baseball, and the topics I have written about here include a panoply¬†of subjects, someContinue reading “Baseball and the afterlife”