The ugly blue-green truck

As a public service, and to amplify on a very funny post by Josh Wilker of CardboardGods, here’s a picture of a greenish blue truck that makes the rounds in suburban Chicago. You can’t see the fake plastic balls hanging from the truck, or the oversized eagle on the license plate holder, or the obligatoryContinue reading “The ugly blue-green truck”

His place in history

A week ago, when the baseball season hadn’t yet started, and the Cubs weren’t off to their “This will be a long year, won’t it?” start of 1-4 after five games, I scanned a card highlighting long-ago Cubs pitcher Rick Reuschel. Today, in the interest of equal time–and to keep me from going off on thisContinue reading “His place in history”

Is he a ballplayer or a candy striper?

I got the card you see above in a trade with Josh Wilker of It’s really a great blog, and on some level he inspired me to start writing this blog. I enjoy baseball cards, because they connect me to both the game I love and to my long-gone youth, but I wouldn’t haveContinue reading “Is he a ballplayer or a candy striper?”