Justice looked into Independence’s eyes

John Cougar Mellencamp’s “Scarecrow” was something I owned on a cassette back in the 80s. I haven’t had any cassettes for years now, and I’ll probably never own them again, with CDs and iTunes and now the Cloud rendering tapes obsolete. But the music that was on that tape still sounds as good as itContinue reading “Justice looked into Independence’s eyes”

Three historical relics, two of them unopened

I went to a church rummage sale at just the right time last weekend. To clear everything out, they offered a shopping bag for three dollars, which could then be filled up with whatever you could fit in it. When I went to the books section, I found a boxed set of┬áBruce Springsteen Live 1975-1985Continue reading “Three historical relics, two of them unopened”