The good that people can do

A few days ago, I read about an effort that the Chicago Cubs were making for tornado relief in Central Illinois. Rather than asking for money (although I’m sure they accepted that, too) the Cubs were gathering up supplies and then driving what they collected down to the Washington/Pekin areas where they are needed. IContinue reading “The good that people can do”

All around the world

When I was a kid growing up, I used to dream about the world outside of where I lived. I wasn’t near any airports, so the only time I ever got to see airplanes were when they were high up in the sky. I told myself that the people on those planes were probably goingContinue reading “All around the world”

A tip of the cap is in order

This story comes straight from the You-can’t-make-this-up file: A Cubs fan is driving along a highway when he sees some debris from a car wreck. Among that debris is a St. Louis Cardinals World Series Champions hat, which can’t be more than two weeks old, signed by several of the team’s players. He’s a CubsContinue reading “A tip of the cap is in order”