Waiting for the sun in 2015

The number one album in America for the week that I was born was the Doors’ Waiting for the Sun. I’ve loved the Doors since I was in grammar school, and I was pleased to learn they were on top when I entered the world. And the title of this, their third studio album, seemsContinue reading “Waiting for the sun in 2015”

The most important right of all

Twenty-four hours ago, the Twitterverse was ablaze with people like me who were mocking an elected official named Kirby Delauter. It turned out that Mr. Delauter didn’t like something a reporter had written about him, and he threatened that reporter with legal action if she wrote his name without his permission. Of course,¬†#KirbyDelauter¬†took a poundingContinue reading “The most important right of all”