A Halloween baseball story

A piece that had been forming inside my head for the past few months came together this weekend, and it appeared on ChicagoSideSports this morning. It combines some of my favorite things: Baseball, history, Chicago, and Halloween. It’s the type of story that I love to tell to anyone who might be interested. Happy HalloweenContinue reading “A Halloween baseball story”

An apt metaphor

I’ve not been writing much in this space lately, as I’m sending off pieces to other websites instead. But I can always link to them here, so here’s a Five Wide piece I wrote, and here’s a TTFB piece. Another piece should run on FiveWide soon, but the Cubs stuff has pretty much come toContinue reading “An apt metaphor”

Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball

Image from http://www.cubby-blue.com This has been a hard year to be a Cubs fan. The team will be lucky to lose anything less than 90 games, and the sell-off of any talent they have has already begun. But at least they swept the White Sox, which doesn’t mean a whole lot but at least it’sContinue reading “Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball”

Serious title envy

I mentioned in my last post that I went to a White Sox game last night. I briefly discussed the Cubs/Sox fissure in this town here, but I must say that the game last night was thoroughly enjoyable. Great seats right near the visiting team’s dugout, weather that held off on raining too much, twoContinue reading “Serious title envy”