Remembering the Dead

Twenty years ago, Armageddon was looming for Chicago. It was a Friday night, the Grateful Dead was playing at Soldier Field, and the Bulls were poised to win the NBA championship at home against the Phoenix Suns. But things turned out in the end. The rains came–and came some more–and the Bulls lost the game,Continue reading “Remembering the Dead”

Link to a post on ChicagoSideSports

This was the greatest moment of the Bulls 1990s championship run. There were many of them, of course, and others will probably have a moment they like better. So be it. 20 years have gone by since this happened back in June of 1993, and the young guy that I was back then is noContinue reading “Link to a post on ChicagoSideSports”

He was the villain

Saturday morning, Lincolnwood, Illinois This morning I find myself at an estate sale. I’ve visited them before, and written about them before, and today is more of the same: picking through the worldly possessions of someone who’s no longer worldly. As Kurt Vonnegut wrote, over and over again in Slaughterhouse-Five, “So it goes.” I comeContinue reading “He was the villain”

An amazing turn of events

I was leaving work last Friday, on a day sunnier and warmer than I had ever before seen in the middle of March, when I spotted a round object near the curb of the parking lot. I knew from the size of it what it was, but the elements had dome a number on it,Continue reading “An amazing turn of events”

Two very different days in Chicago

Yesterday was another one of a string of glorious days we’ve had in Chicago. Even though the calendar reads October, the sunshine and the warm weather made it feel like June. But without any baseball, of course. A baseball-free October seems to be the default position for my team and that other one that playsContinue reading “Two very different days in Chicago”