A bittersweet day

There are some things in life that I truly enjoy, and writing is at or near the top of the list. While I’ve written things all my life, putting them into a form where they can be read by other people has been a relatively new development for me. And today offered some reminders ofContinue reading “A bittersweet day”

With every paper I’d deliver

I had a paper route from the time I was old enough to get one (you had to be 12 back in the day) until I left it to take a “real” job bagging groceries at age 16. That’s four years of delivering newspapers, every single day. If that won’t drill a work ethic intoContinue reading “With every paper I’d deliver”

Kate Upton and me (sort of)

Trending on Yahoo is something that I have never done before the last couple of days. And, truthfully, I wasn’t trending at all. The “Pete Rose erased” story, which grew out of this piece for ChicagoSideSports and in the Chicago Sun-Times, was doing the trending. But I started it all off, and if that storyContinue reading “Kate Upton and me (sort of)”

My 15 minutes

What an interesting day this has been. A month ago, on January 13, I speculated that the first “double 13” of the year was an ominous thing, and there were still eleven more of them to go. Well, today was the second “double 13” of the year (and in our lifetimes), and I won’t soonContinue reading “My 15 minutes”

Fatalism wins again

I’ve written about fatalism several times here before. I pay attention to events that end lives prematurely, for two reasons: to grieve in some remote, inconsequential way with those who were left behind, and to remind myself to enjoy and celebrate life in the broadest sense. Tomorrow will come for most people, but it isContinue reading “Fatalism wins again”

Old-time corruption in Chicago

The man pictured here is 86 years old. Many people don’t even get to live eighty-six years (only one of my grandparents did), and the ones that do should count themselves lucky. But–and I’m sorry if you or a loved one is 86 years old–there are just some things that 86 year-olds can’t do. AndContinue reading “Old-time corruption in Chicago”