Trying to catch the rain

As I picked up my daughter at school today, a light rain had started to fall in Chicago. My daughter originally tried catching raindrops in her mouth, but was less than successful at it. It’s not quite the same as Linus catching snowflakes on his tongue. The thought occurred to me that this was aContinue reading “Trying to catch the rain”

Such a Croc

I have to admit that, many years after they were fashionable (if they ever really were in the first place), I wear Crocs. They were big among children, but somehow adults wore them, too. Crocs now has lots of shoes that don’t even resemble the ugly Crocs of yore. But mine are those ugly Crocs.Continue reading “Such a Croc”

Finding some magic in the kitchen

Sometimes parenting takes patience, or creativity, or understanding. Sometimes it requires a combination of all these things, and sometimes it requires something else altogether. It’s an ever-changing puzzle, trying to get a handle on what a child needs. And once in a while, it makes for a good story. Such was the case with myContinue reading “Finding some magic in the kitchen”