Struggling with a card

Having just gone through a frustrating series of password resets, upload troubles, and dissatisfaction with the card designs, I finally ordered some New Year’s cards. These two images didn’t make the cut as I reverted to an image I had used for an earlier card, but they’re good images that I’m happy to share here.Continue reading “Struggling with a card”

The luminarias burned through the night

Most of the luminarias that we put out on Christmas eve burned out, but this one–and a few others–made it to the dawn of Christmas day. There was something about the serenity of it that demanded a picture and a few words here. It’s a sign of something good, I hope. The end of 2013Continue reading “The luminarias burned through the night”

A Christmas miracle

Chicago hadn’t had any measurable snowfall for months. As Christmas drew near this year, it looked like everyone was going to have to do without the white stuff. Bah, humbug. But I had a plan. Yesterday, at the last possible minute, I removed the tangled mass of fake red berries that passes for our ChristmasContinue reading “A Christmas miracle”

The eve of Christmas eve

The presents have been purchased and wrapped, the family is gathered, and the cookies are baked and mostly decorated. There’s no snow on the ground, but that’s hardly worth complaining about. It’s been the holiday season for over a month now, and tomorrow night, Christmas eve, is when the gifts under the tree will startContinue reading “The eve of Christmas eve”

Whip it good

The Bruce Springsteen show at Wrigley Field is practically upon us, and it feels a bit like Christmas eve did when I was a kid. But Christmas came back again every year, while my next Springsteen show after this one is at an undetermined point in the future, if it even happens at all. IContinue reading “Whip it good”

My present of choice

It will be Christmas morning soon, and my children will run out to the living room and see what kind of gifts Santa left for them. They’re good kids, and so I’m sure he’ll remember them. And they’ll have fun for an hour or two, and then it will be on to whatever comes nextContinue reading “My present of choice”