The fantasy dilemma

For the past 15 years or so, I have been in a fantasy baseball league of some form or fashion. The league I’m in now is a “keeper” league, meaning that a few of the team’s players from the previous season can be held over, but everyone else has to be thrown back into theContinue reading “The fantasy dilemma”

A photobombing in Wrigley Field

The concept of photobombing has probably been around as long as photography has. Well, perhaps not, because photography used to be a specialized art that few people could afford to have done. Sitting for a long time to have an image taken doesn’t lend itself to surprise images in the background, I guess. But in today’sContinue reading “A photobombing in Wrigley Field”

A player I remember, for the wrong reason

Section 101A used to be a unique little piece of Wrigley Field. It was called the “Family Section” because, as the ticket stub above indicates, no alcohol was allowed in its seats. It was three rows deep, as I remember it, and had about 30 seats in reach row, so it was no more thanContinue reading “A player I remember, for the wrong reason”

My dog knew what to do

The picture above is of Zoe, who was a Wheaten Terrier that my wife and I had for about a dozen years. I had never had a dog–or any sort of a pet, really– when I was growing up, and I wasn’t particularly excited about getting one, either. But my wife prevailed, and we pickedContinue reading “My dog knew what to do”