There’s nothing more American

The Coca-Cola commercial that was aired during the Super Bowl this year had it exactly right. America is beautiful, because people from all over the world have always come here. They bring their languages and their customs and their foods and their traditions with them, and they hold onto them because it’s what they knowContinue reading “There’s nothing more American”

It’s good to split

[Image from] Some time ago, I indicated in this space that I was unhappy with Coca-Cola for their participation in a shadowy legislative group known as ALEC. This group was responsible for introducing laws in states around the country, with the assistance of lawmakers who went along with their program. One of these lawsContinue reading “It’s good to split”

Coke is it!

A week ago I sold my limited number of shares in Coca-Cola, as a silent protest over their involvement with ALEC. Coca-Cola dropped out of ALEC earlier this week, and I feel vindicated on that front. I still haven’t reinvested the money yet, since I haven’t had the time to investigate other options. But CokeContinue reading “Coke is it!”

Putting my money where my mouth is

When I was in college, back in the late 1980s, the fashionable cause among college students was putting an end to apartheid in South Africa. If you’re younger than 35, you may never had heard that term before, and that’s a good thing. It was an awful system, which imprisoned Nelson Mandela for decades, costContinue reading “Putting my money where my mouth is”

Coke goes green

I love Coca-Cola. Not so much the soft drink in the red and white can (although I do drink lots of Diet Coke), but the corporate entity headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. I own just a small handful of their stock shares, but it’s enough to make me pay attention to what’s going on with theirContinue reading “Coke goes green”