A Moron and his Flag

This is such a raw and terrible moment in our nation. The scourge of racism is alive and well, unfortunately. Anyone who thought that the election of Barack Obama somehow made us “post-racial” has now been proven wrong. I grieve for the Charleston victims and their families, and I also grieve for everyone who noContinue reading “A Moron and his Flag”

Rebel, Rebel

I recently went on a long drive out west to see my in-laws at Christmas. A few pictures and stories from the trip were shared in this space, but the vast majority of it will live in┬ábrain’s memory, rather than in my computer’s memory. And that’s as it should be, I suppose. But one momentContinue reading “Rebel, Rebel”

Tea Party hits rock bottom

The men and women who died holding this Union together in the 1860s, and those who lived with the loss of physical and mental faculties because of a battle over whether states had the right to leave the union or not, are dishonored whenever the confederate flag is displayed. I’m going to type this outContinue reading “Tea Party hits rock bottom”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing

In 1860, there was a four-way presidential election held in America, the likes of which had never been seen before, and will likely never be seen again. The winning candidate–Abraham Lincoln of Illinois–prevailed by getting a majority of the votes in the electoral college. That’s what the Constitution requires, and that’s what he did. ButContinue reading “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing”