A Thanksgiving message from the founding fathers

With the arrival of Thanksgiving day, everyone turns their attention to Abraham Lincoln and the proclamation that made this into a national holiday. My love and respect for Lincoln has been well-established here, but thanks to some online research, I found a Thanksgiving story that pre-dates Lincoln. And it has a lesson for our times,Continue reading “A Thanksgiving message from the founding fathers”

Chewing the whole stick

The other day I was waiting in a line outside on a cold, rainy day. I didn’t have a book with me, and I’m in between smart phones at the moment, so there wasn’t much to do but stand around and wait. I went through the pockets of my jacket, looking for I-don’t-know-what, and IContinue reading “Chewing the whole stick”

The thing about Wal-Mart

I was on vacation last week, and lots of thoughts were kicking around inside my head. I even managed to get one out into this blog already, but for the most part I had neither the access to a computer nor the inclination to sit down and ruminate for the half-hour or so that IContinue reading “The thing about Wal-Mart”