Out in the field

The two things I like to write about most in this space are family and baseball. Other things are nice, too, and they find their way into my musings on occasion, but the things that touch my heart the most are those two subjects. So when I can find a way to put them together,Continue reading “Out in the field”

True love won’t desert you

I heard Journey’s Separate Ways on the radio today. I still have vivid memories about this song, but not in a romantic sort of a way. No, for me the song brings back a memory of a cornfield in Central Illinois. It was some night back in the the mid 1980s, and I was drivingContinue reading “True love won’t desert you”

My second favorite place on earth

I grew up watching Cubs games on WGN in Chicago. It was a central part of my youth, just like the school I went to and the things I did to keep myself amused and out of trouble when I couldn’t watch or play baseball. I watched other shows on WGN too, like Bozo’s CircusContinue reading “My second favorite place on earth”