The poem of creation

On my birthday today, the start of (hopefully) another year on this crazy and wonderful place called earth, I want to quote something that I read the other day from Henry David Thoreau. I’ve now outlived Thoreau, and many other great and good people through the ages, and I’m pleased that my time here hasn’tContinue reading “The poem of creation”

A life’s work

A rainy afternoon, Memphis, Tennessee My family and I, after seeing the major tourist sites that Memphis has to offer, indulged our artistic side on our last full day in Memphis recently. We went to the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art for a number of interesting exhibits. I was still feeling the effects of a lingeringContinue reading “A life’s work”

All you create

The best thing about writing in this space–the reason I continue doing it–is that it is a creative enterprise. Listening to the radio this morning, I heard “Eclipse” which is the last song on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album. And the line about “All you create, and all you destroy” set myContinue reading “All you create”

Get your talent out there

Two great songwriters died yesterday. Nick Ashford, who wrote “Solid,” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and more songs than I can list here (including one of my favorite Ray Charles songs) and  Jerry Lieber (who wrote “Stand by Me,” “Jailhouse Rock” and lots more that you’ve heard before) each touched our lives through their music.Continue reading “Get your talent out there”