A very meaningful number

When I started this blog last year, I learned pretty quickly that promotion is important. The Internet, and especially the blogosphere, doesn’t come knocking on your virtual door. So I applied, and was accepted, to the mlb.com/blogs page back in September. It was a great feeling to see my face on their web page forContinue reading “A very meaningful number”

Countdown to #Cubs #DoubleTriple at 37 losses

The Cubs lost again today, and dealt away Kosuke Fukudome to the Indians. Let the dismantling begin. And let the tour through the 1970s continue. How time flies when the Cubs are losing. 1974 San Diego Padres Expansion team: No Overall record: 60-102 # of win streaks of 3 games or more: Six Manager(s): JohnContinue reading “Countdown to #Cubs #DoubleTriple at 37 losses”

Countdown to #Cubs #DoubleTriple at 38 losses

Now that the Cubs have gone back to playing decent teams after the sweep of Houston, the losses have begun piling up again. And here’s a fun fact: Seattle just lost 17 games in a row¬† and they are still two games better than the Cubs right now. But the tour of baseball in theContinue reading “Countdown to #Cubs #DoubleTriple at 38 losses”