Curious George and the World Series champs

Back in the spring of this year, I had a mission. There was an event being held in Downtown Chicago called March to College, which was designed to get Chicago schoolchildren thinking about the higher education options available to them. I had agreed to help man a booth at the event, and was looking forContinue reading “Curious George and the World Series champs”

D=500 posts

The Romans used just seven letters to represent all numbers. We only see them used in a few places today, such as for Super Bowls and dates of building dedications and Rocky sequels. Come to think of it, we don’t even see them used there, anymore. But Roman numerals are out there, for those whoContinue reading “D=500 posts”

A Redbird who made good

I got very lucky as a kid growing up in Springfield, Illinois. There were a few reasons for this, but one that I didn’t fully appreciate at the time was that a smallish city of 100,000 souls somehow had a triple-A baseball team. It was a quirk of fate, really, but I didn’t know anything aboutContinue reading “A Redbird who made good”

Cross-post to another ThroughTheFenceBaseball post

I wrote a new piece for ThroughTheFenceBaseball this week. It’s the kind of story that I would have written for this blog only a few months ago, but a baseball site’s readers might enjoy it, too. I like the story, but it needs to be told at the hundred-year anniversary, or else not at all.Continue reading “Cross-post to another ThroughTheFenceBaseball post”

Who says baseball is in trouble?

The World Series that just concluded last night has demonstrated that baseball is alive and well. And if anybody wants to point to television ratings as an indication of anything, I’ll simply say this: Baseball was around before anyone knew what television was, and it will still be around after nobody can remember what televisionContinue reading “Who says baseball is in trouble?”

Sometimes you gotta work the count

Hindsight is always 20/20. Without the benefit of hindsight, I’m not able to write this. But with that in mind, the turning point of today’s ALCS game in Detroit happened because a Rangers’ batter failed to employ just a little bit of baseball strategy. And as a result, his team missed a chance to getContinue reading “Sometimes you gotta work the count”

Process of elimination

On the last night of the regular season, which seems like much longer than eight days ago, we were treated to a sensational night of memorable moments. Perhaps I’m being greedy, but the next thirty-six hours could give us even more moments like this, because three teams will see their seasons end, one way orContinue reading “Process of elimination”

Great catch! (x2)

The final score of the game last night was 10-1, Yankees over the Tigers. If you want to get technical about it, the Yankees’ nine-run margin of victory could have withstood either of the catches being missed by centerfielder Curtis Granderson instead. But for momentum swings, you’ll never see two finer rally-killing plays than wereContinue reading “Great catch! (x2)”

The Tigers don’t miss 2002

It was great to see Comerica Park in Detroit crowded and rocking for tonight’s playoff game. Whenever you have a chance to put the Yankees away on your home field, you’d better have the home crowd out in force. It doesn’t look too good for them in the eighth inning now, but this season hasContinue reading “The Tigers don’t miss 2002”