Vegas Matchbooks, Part 3 (Disco Sucks)

When I pulled a matchbook for Bob Stupak’s Vegas World out of a bag of assorted matchbooks for Las Vegas casinos, I immediately thought “Disco!” I might go on about the 80s sometimes, but I remember the tail end of the 70s, too. And the tail end of the 70s was all about disco: theContinue reading “Vegas Matchbooks, Part 3 (Disco Sucks)”

A rough day for the ex-Sox

I remember the old days at Comiskey Park. And not the new one that became U.S. Cellular Field, either. The old one that Babe Ruth played in, and where Steve Dahl killed disco in 1979. Those were both before my time in Chicago, but I did get to go there a few times before theyContinue reading “A rough day for the ex-Sox”