Partially my place

For me, Starbucks is a company unlike any other. It’s the one company I think of when I’m out looking for a cup of coffee. In fact, the terms “Starbucks” and “coffee” are¬†interchangeable in my mind. I might say to someone “I’m going out for a Starbucks. Do you want anything?” and they’ll know whatContinue reading “Partially my place”

A very meaningful number

When I started this blog last year, I learned pretty quickly that promotion is important. The Internet, and especially the blogosphere, doesn’t come knocking on your virtual door. So I applied, and was accepted, to the page back in September. It was a great feeling to see my face on their web page forContinue reading “A very meaningful number”

Do the Walk of Life

Videos from the MTV era (when they still played videos, at least) are very important to people in my age group. Not only did they help bands like Def Leppard sell more albums (vinyl and cassettes, in those days), but they helped us form mental images of songs themselves. For instance, if I say AddictedContinue reading “Do the Walk of Life”