Farewell, my sweet boy

In these COVID-19 days, there’s so much loss and disruption going on that it feels overwhelming. Much of this comes from the virus, of course, but the things that happened before the virus took hold continue happening, too. Such was the case today when I said goodbye to my beloved schnoodle, Dooney. My family broughtContinue reading “Farewell, my sweet boy”

That’s Life, Brian

I don’t watch television anymore, and that goes for shows that I probably would enjoy, such as Family Guy. I’ve seen clips online, and it does appear to be a very funny show. But at the same time, television writ large is not a good thing, as I see it. The best–and really the only–wayContinue reading “That’s Life, Brian”

This person sure loved dogs

Today was a rainy and gray Halloween. It other words, it was perfect. If central casting can send days instead of people, it did a great job today. I walked around in one of the sections, looking for interesting things. I found lots of them, but mostly I was just glad to be here onContinue reading “This person sure loved dogs”

Going to the dogs

As part of my ongoing attempt to preserve bits and pieces of my life from the pre-digital photography era, I am presenting some commentary for an image that dates from somewhere around 1996. I was never a dog person growing up. The neighbors across the street had a dog, and the lady next door hadContinue reading “Going to the dogs”