Working through the grief

“Dogs’ lives are too short.  Their only fault, really.”  – Agnes Sligh Turnbull One of the things I’ve been doing during the COVID-19 lockdown is finding interesting quotes from people, about all manner of things. I send an email every morning to sign in for work, and I’ve become very fond of hunting for quotesContinue reading “Working through the grief”

Farewell, my sweet boy

In these COVID-19 days, there’s so much loss and disruption going on that it feels overwhelming. Much of this comes from the virus, of course, but the things that happened before the virus took hold continue happening, too. Such was the case today when I said goodbye to my beloved schnoodle, Dooney. My family broughtContinue reading “Farewell, my sweet boy”

Shakespeare and the dog

My older daughter is currently appearing in Romeo and Juliet, and the final two shows are taking place this weekend. Seeing the show performed live has made it come alive for me, in a way it never was before. Better I should come upon this later in life than not at all. One of myContinue reading “Shakespeare and the dog”

Passing the quarter-pole

The racetrack at Arlington Park outside of Chicago is like a theme park for horses. I go there with my kids about once a year, and we make a day out of driving there, parking the car, finding a spot to sit, and then poring over the day’s racing form. I sometimes try to explainContinue reading “Passing the quarter-pole”