Link to a ThroughTheFenceBaseball piece

I wrote this piece last night, and coined the term “#KickAstros” to describe the Cubs potentially sweeping the Houston Astros in the final three games of the season. It’s ironic that all year I’ve talked about the Double Triple concept that I created a year ago, and now, just when people are starting to makeContinue reading “Link to a ThroughTheFenceBaseball piece”

Link to another ThroughTheFenceBaseball piece

I’ve written several baseball-related pieces about the Chicago Cubs since the season started last April. I’ve posted the large majority of them on, instead of on this site. I love the Cubs, even thought it’s usually difficult to do that, but putting the baseball pieces somewhere else gets my writing out to the widerContinue reading “Link to another ThroughTheFenceBaseball piece”

Countdown to the #DoubleTriple

The second part of the baseball season begins tonight. Many teams, perhaps even most teams, still have something to play for, whether it’s a division title or a chance at a wild card berth. My team, the Chicago Cubs, isn’t so lucky. They ended the first part of the season at 18 games below theContinue reading “Countdown to the #DoubleTriple”

Here’s how the Cubs can make baseball history in 2012

Who knows losing better than the Cubs? Ask anybody to play word association between a baseball franchise and the word “losers” and at least 90% will say Cubs. And the 10% who wouldn’t just don’t know anything about baseball. And yet, for all that mediocrity, the gold standard of ineptitude–the 100-loss season–has eluded the CubsContinue reading “Here’s how the Cubs can make baseball history in 2012”