Hoping fate does better than the justice system

Life is too short to root against someone. But when that someone gets drunk and takes four people’s lives from behind the wheel of a big truck, it’s not that hard, at all.

Ethan Couch got away with murder, four times over. And because of a bullshit legal defense–440,000 words plus on this blog, and that’s the first time I’ve busted that word out, but it’s well deserved here–he does not go to jail. At all. It’s the worse miscarriage of justice that I can think of.

Those families that had this holiday season, and every one to come for the rest of their days, ruined by the careless and criminal actions of an entitled teenager? They get no comfort from this, at all. They have every right to feel that justice was not done for them. Because it wasn’t.

So for ten years, there’s a small chance he’ll do something stupid and violate his probation. Doing stupid things is in his skill set, so there is hope. It may well be impossible for him to get what he deserves, but I’m going to root for it, anyway.

Merry Hypocrite-mas


I read the news that a U.S. senator was arrested for drunk driving with great amusement this morning. On the one hand I thought there, but for the grace of god, go I. But on the other hand, it’s likely not the first time that this Mormon–and presumed tee-totaler–has done such a thing. He tells his people, both in his church and in his state, one thing and then goes out and does the exact opposite.

As an enthusiastic drinker for many years, I can’t judge him for his liquor consumption. I hope that he would cut others the same slack, but I don’t know what’s inside his heart. But what’s wrong about this is that the people he represents in Congress were actively misled. And whether he apologizes or not–and he has–that doesn’t change things one little bit.

He’s one of the Republicans who routinely obstructs things in the Senate, and will continue to do so, regardless of how this plays itself out in the legal system. The honorable thing to do, after being publicly revealed as a hypocrite, would be to resign his Senate seat immediately. But he won’t do this. He’ll make some insincere apologies, and then check himself into a rehab/detox program, with the expectation that when his turn at re-election comes up in 2016, the voters in Idaho will forget this ever happened in the first place.

I’m willing to be proven wrong on this, but I don’t think that will happen.