It’s not where you start that matters

The poster above is on the walls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.┬áThe idea that Elvis was ever buried at the bottom of a concert bill, and seemed to get mentioned only because he was a local talent, seems amazing to me. But within a couple of years, he was biggerContinue reading “It’s not where you start that matters”

And so it goes

There’s always death going on in the world, but a recent string of them has caught my attention. Consider that A 30 year-old man at a baseball game falls sixty feet to his death, and A 46 year-old man is killed while riding a bicycle in the rain, and A 29 year-old woman hangs herself,Continue reading “And so it goes”

If it’s hot it’ll sell

The title for this post comes from a song I heard performed on NPR by a band called Mutts. The title of the song is also the main hook, and it seems like a reasonable enough proposition: People will buy something that’s hot. And the musical Million Dollar Quartet is the hottest thing I’ve seenContinue reading “If it’s hot it’ll sell”

The heart of rock and roll

As I’m going to visit Graceland today, the most famous private residence in rock and roll, if not all of America, I’ll be looking for hints of Dewey Phillips. Most people have no idea of who Dewey Phillips was, and I wouldn’t either if I hadn’t seen the Broadway show “Memphis.” Dewey’s life story wasContinue reading “The heart of rock and roll”

Saving the paper

Yesterday I had some time to kill while my car was being worked on. The usual procedure is to go into their waiting room, get a cup of coffee, and flip through a magazine as the mechanics are working their magic. But yesterday was a bit different than that. Around the corner from the carContinue reading “Saving the paper”