I should be so lucky

I’ve written about estate sales before in this space. No only are they a chance to peer into someone else’s life, just after the fact, but it’s also a chance to pick up things. Not new things, because that’s what Target is for (and they didn’t pay me to add that link, either. I didContinue reading “I should be so lucky”

Saving the paper

Yesterday I had some time to kill while my car was being worked on. The usual procedure is to go into their waiting room, get a cup of coffee, and flip through a magazine as the mechanics are working their magic. But yesterday was a bit different than that. Around the corner from the carContinue reading “Saving the paper”

Something from another time and place

There’s a reason I go to estate sales. There are several reasons, really, but one of the biggest is that I like looking for unusual things. And if I can get them for cheap, so much the better. Today was just such an example. A man with an apparent love for all things Vegas mustContinue reading “Something from another time and place”

An allegiance to the heart

I’m just wading into a book called “Chicago Stories” edited by John Miller. I picked it up at an estate sale last weekend, and it’s exactly why I go to them in the first place. No matter what else is available for sale, it always starts–and usually ends–with the books. I look for history topics,Continue reading “An allegiance to the heart”

Those days are gone forever

My car was in the shop this afternoon for some routine maintenance. Since it was a Saturday afternoon, and they were probably busier than they are during the week, I was told it would be an hour and a half before the car was ready. At this point, I could either sit in the waitingContinue reading “Those days are gone forever”

“Next year” never came for him

Today I went to an estate sale with a friend. I’ve written about them before, and being at one is different from going to a yard sale or a garage sale. As I get older, and realize that everyone’s time on this earth is limited, I also appreciate the opportunity to take a peek intoContinue reading ““Next year” never came for him”

There’s a weapon….

  …that we must use in out defense: Silence I went to an estate sale yesterday. People can have all of the garage sales they want in their lifetime, but they only get one estate sale, and someone else gets to oversee that. Think of them as the garage sales that nobody wants to have.Continue reading “There’s a weapon….”