The Cubs got fleeced

At the end of the 2010 season, the Tampa Bay Rays brought young Jeremy Hellickson up from the minors, and he went 4-0 as a result. The Rays correctly decided they had something there, and so they traded one of their higher-priced starters–Matt Garza–to the Cubs. Garza was due to make just under $6 millionContinue reading “The Cubs got fleeced”

Process of elimination

On the last night of the regular season, which seems like much longer than eight days ago, we were treated to a sensational night of memorable moments. Perhaps I’m being greedy, but the next thirty-six hours could give us even more moments like this, because three teams will see their seasons end, one way orContinue reading “Process of elimination”

The game without any drama

When history looks back on the baseball games of last Wednesday night, the Red Sox/Orioles game in Baltimore and the Yankees/Rays game in Tampa will receive the lion’s share of the attention. The endings of the games were weirdly synchronized with each other, in a way that Hollywood would never be able to script. ButContinue reading “The game without any drama”