Unspoiled Fall beauty

Last year at this time, Fall was doing its annual thing, but the presence of political campaign signs broke up the scenery a little bit. And next fall, the same thing is sure to happen. Since this is an off year, election-wise, we can enjoy our fall without all of the man-made political stuff muckingContinue reading “Unspoiled Fall beauty”

Thoughts at the end of the quarter

I once worked for a large corporation, and the big honcho came to address the troops one day. He had a “photographer” with him, but it appeared that this was actually a euphemism for “bodyguard.” ┬áBut besides that little bit of verbal misdirection, something he said that day stuck with me in a strange way.Continue reading “Thoughts at the end of the quarter”

What’s happening with baseball

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about one of my favorite topics. And, as the season starts winding down toward a long winter’s rest (no playoffs in this city!), I may as well get another baseball-related post out there. Something will arise to take its place in the offseason (that’s why football and basketball existContinue reading “What’s happening with baseball”