The best film ever made

Sometimes my daughters ask me questions about what my favorite things are. When they ask about my favorite song, or my favorite book, or my favorite food, I usually give some sort of dodgy, non-committal answer because I like many songs, and many books, and too many types of food, but none really stands outContinue reading “The best film ever made”

None better than this

I’ve written about Field of Dreams before, and I’m sure that I will again. Since today is Kevin Costner’s birthday, I’m presenting a link I found online with all of the best clips from the movie in one place. Men aren’t supposed to cry at movies, but I’ll admit to tearing up at several partsContinue reading “None better than this”

Reading the source material

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how I had finally, after several years of avoiding it, started to read W.P. Kinsella‘s novel Shoeless Joe. I knew that it had been the basis for the movie Field of Dreams, and figured that if I liked the movie as much as I do, that the bookContinue reading “Reading the source material”

A double play of art and baseball

My favorite movie, hands down, is Field of Dreams. As a baseball fan, I suppose that makes sense. But it’s really not about the game on the diamond, as much as it is about having a love for the game, and what it represents. It’s the kind of movie that, if you buy into theContinue reading “A double play of art and baseball”

Chicago and baseball in the movies

From Ferris Bueller catching a foul ball on the North side, to Julia Roberts serving drinks on the South side, Chicago and baseball seem to go together in the movies. And why not? Baseball in this town pre-dates the movies, and the city that can be all things to all people on-screen can surely putContinue reading “Chicago and baseball in the movies”

It’s about time for a good baseball movie

One of my favorite baseball quotes comes from Rick Reilly, who wrote that “Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Brad Pitt to get laid.” Everyone who isn’t a Yankees fan can appreciate what that means, and Yankees fans themselves might even agree that they’ve had it so much better than everyone else overContinue reading “It’s about time for a good baseball movie”


If I were making a list of my all-time favorite movies, The Naked Gun would be on it somewhere. I also loved Airplane!, and the “Police Squad” series that was on TV very briefly after that. But a movie based on that series was about as good as it gets. Leslie Nielsen, the actor who playedContinue reading “Strike?”