The time has flown by

I remember this picture well. It was taken in late December of 1999, as we had traveled to Sanibel Island, Florida, to celebrate the coming of the new millenium. Fears of Y2K were in the air. Remember that? It seems silly now, all these years later, but the idea that computers would get all wiggyContinue reading “The time has flown by”

My own Mound Key

Whatever we do in life, eventually our time will be up and then it will be “game over” for us. That’s true for me, and you, and everyone that we’ve known or ever will know. Your stay here on this earth might be very long, and it might be painfully short, but it will endContinue reading “My own Mound Key”

Feels something like summertime

Today is the final day of Summer for my family and I. It doesn’t start on Memorial Day, like most people’s summer does, because my kids are in school until the middle of June. This year, it was almost as though summer began in March, when it hit 90 degrees on the day of theContinue reading “Feels something like summertime”

There goes the sun

Saturday evening, Cocoa Beach, Florida We pulled into a restaurant off of AIA, and just outside the local Air Force base. There was a nice outdoor area, along the water with a pier extending about 50 yards out. The catfish were thick in the water, since everyone tosses their bread and french fries and otherContinue reading “There goes the sun”

The Sanctuary on Paradise

I’m in Florida this weekend, trying to get a final few days of Summer before school starts up again. Or maybe it won’t if the Chicago teachers go out on strike. But either way, Summer is coming to and end, and we want to end it with something to remember. Our visions of fun inContinue reading “The Sanctuary on Paradise”

Rock you like a hurricane

So Hurricane Isaac is down in the Caribbean, churning away, threatening to mess with my family’s end-of-summer foray to Florida next week. It’s decision time: should we stay (home) or go (to Florida)? The die has been cast, and Isaac will have to take his best shot at us. It should make for some interestingContinue reading “Rock you like a hurricane”