A gathering of angels

Music hasn’t changed very much for me over the past 20 years or so. Notwithstanding my children playing hit music stations in the car all the time, if a song or an artist didn’t enter my consciousness between 1978 and about 1993, they aren’t getting in at all. This is why 80s music always strikesContinue reading “A gathering of angels”

Re-imagining the 80s

Last night I accompanied my daughters and a friend of theirs to a concert by a band called Big Time Rush. The show seemed to be fun for them, but as I went to the top of the lawn, looking for as much solitude as I could find in a sea of screaming young girls,Continue reading “Re-imagining the 80s”

Like it never will again

As I was walking back to my car this morning, I saw a penny on the sidewalk. I picked it up, because I’ve always been more superstitious about this than I am with other things. I always look at the penny’s date, and try to give myself a moment to think about how old IContinue reading “Like it never will again”