It’s her moment now

Photo credit: As Hillary Clinton gets ready to accept her party’s nomination for the presidency tonight, I think back to the Spring of 1987 and a moment that opened my eyes to gender matters like nothing else ever has. Freshmen students at Northwestern–I don’t remember now whether it was only the Arts and SciencesContinue reading “It’s her moment now”

The Constitution and the ultimate glass ceiling

My older daughter is in eighth grade. By law here in Illinois, she must pass a Constitution test in order to graduate next spring. And the test is tomorrow, so we spent the weekend preparing her to take the test. I remember noticing something about the Constitution when I was a teacher myself, which isContinue reading “The Constitution and the ultimate glass ceiling”

Something I once learned

One of the more important things I learned in college was both unintentional and painful, and so I wanted to spend a few moments reliving it here. As I have said before, writing this blog is a form of therapy for me. It was the Spring of 1987, and I was taking the last ofContinue reading “Something I once learned”