Let me live that fantasy

The song “Royals” by a 17 year-old named Lorde has permeated the culture recently. And, as it turns out, the title of the song was inspired by an old photo of George Brett. I had no idea. But inspiration is a funny thing, and in the end it doesn’t matter where it comes from, soContinue reading “Let me live that fantasy”

The LuPu Line

There’s a lot of talk about Pujols right now. The big contract, the move from St. Louis to the American League, all of it. And I’ve even written about Albert Pujols here and here. But perhaps there’s another Pujols-related discussion that can be had at this moment in time. And a fundamental wrong that canContinue reading “The LuPu Line”

Beyond the Mendoza Line

How does it feel to have your name associated with something negative? Thankfully, most of us won’t know the answer to that. But Mario Mendoza isn’t so fortunate. Mendoza was a shortstop who came to the majors in the Pirates organization. ┬áHe never was an everyday player for them, probably because his yearly batting averagesContinue reading “Beyond the Mendoza Line”