An amazing 48 hours

It’s been just about 48 hours–give or take a few minutes–since Kris Bryant threw over to first base to end the Cubs’ long championship drought. In an instant, a lifetime of losing was washed away. The “loveable losers” never existed in the first place, but that concept went away forever on the night of NovemberContinue reading “An amazing 48 hours”

The more things change….

I was paging through a book today and I came upon this line: “He told me of the interest of Chicago in Base Ball; how…thousands of lovers of the game at Chicago were wild for a winning team, but couldn’t get one” This could have been written today, but it was actually written a centuryContinue reading “The more things change….”

Paying my respects

My paternal grandfather died a few years before I was born, and as a result I never got to meet him. But something he did in his lifetime benefited me immensely. He served in World War I, which was one of the few things I ever got to learn about him, and is the onlyContinue reading “Paying my respects”