A Halloween baseball story

A piece that had been forming inside my head for the past few months came together this weekend, and it appeared on ChicagoSideSports this morning. It combines some of my favorite things: Baseball, history, Chicago, and Halloween. It’s the type of story that I love to tell to anyone who might be interested. Happy HalloweenContinue reading “A Halloween baseball story”

The heart of rock and roll

As I’m going to visit Graceland today, the most famous private residence in rock and roll, if not all of America, I’ll be looking for hints of Dewey Phillips. Most people have no idea of who Dewey Phillips was, and I wouldn’t either if I hadn’t seen the Broadway show “Memphis.” Dewey’s life story wasContinue reading “The heart of rock and roll”

I’m going to Graceland

There’s not much else to say, really. I’ve never been to Memphis before, and I’m only here for one reason. I’m sure there will be things to say about it when it’s over, but I’ll let Paul Simon do the talking for me at this point. This is the one pilgrimage that I feel likeContinue reading “I’m going to Graceland”