Link to a ThroughTheFenceBaseball piece

I wrote this piece last night, and coined the term “#KickAstros” to describe the Cubs potentially sweeping the Houston Astros in the final three games of the season. It’s ironic that all year I’ve talked about the Double Triple concept that I created a year ago, and now, just when people are starting to makeContinue reading “Link to a ThroughTheFenceBaseball piece”

It’s better than nothing

In my most recent piece for ThroughTheFenceBaseball, I stated a desire for the Cubs to win in Arizona on Sunday, and then come back to Chicago with something to play for next week. That something is the laughably modest goal of avoiding 100 losses for the season. That can only happen if the Cubs sweepContinue reading “It’s better than nothing”

Thanks, Kid K

The news that Kerry Wood is retiring from baseball today comes as quite a shock. He’s been a part of my Cubs’ experience for so many years that it will be hard to imagine not seeing his familiar number 34 in the dugout. Life goes on, of course, but it’s still a startling turn ofContinue reading “Thanks, Kid K”

Inter-league, all the time

Now that the Houston Astros have been sold and moved to the American League, we’re going to have to get used to an interleague series happening all the time. With 15 teams in both leagues, there’s no other way to do it. Every team is going to have to pair up with a team inContinue reading “Inter-league, all the time”

A photobombing in Wrigley Field

The concept of photobombing has probably been around as long as photography has. Well, perhaps not, because photography used to be a specialized art that few people could afford to have done. Sitting for a long time to have an image taken doesn’t lend itself to surprise images in the background, I guess. But in today’sContinue reading “A photobombing in Wrigley Field”

Advantage, Cardinals

Since St. Louis won Game one of the World Series tonight, they have a historical edge over the Rangers from here on out. After the players’ strike wiped out the 1994 postseason, there have been 15 World Series played, and 12 times out of 15 the winner of Game one has gone on to winContinue reading “Advantage, Cardinals”

The game without any drama

When history looks back on the baseball games of last Wednesday night, the Red Sox/Orioles game in Baltimore and the Yankees/Rays game in Tampa will receive the lion’s share of the attention. The endings of the games were weirdly synchronized with each other, in a way that Hollywood would never be able to script. ButContinue reading “The game without any drama”