Jersey Shore 2013 (Sandy)

One year ago today, Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey and New York with a force that I never thought possible. I hope that the people who were impacted have found a way to move on with their lives, because there isn’t another choice for any of us. On my honeymoon, many years ago, I tookContinue reading “Jersey Shore 2013 (Sandy)”

How about it, Sandy?

If you want to know what “irony” is, you can’t do any better than realizing the hurricane that devastated New Jersey and its boardwalk bore the same name as a Bruce Springsteen song about leaving the boardwalk behind. The storm’s name was chosen well before it ever formed, and it could have gone anywhere atContinue reading “How about it, Sandy?”

A little too close

Halloween is supposed to be a night where the line between the dead and the undead is blurred a little bit. But this year, with at least 50 deaths caused by Hurricane Sandy, and millions without power and facing a clean-up from after the storm, I can understand how some might not embrace the conceptContinue reading “A little too close”

Be well, East Coast

With Hurricane Sandy threatening the East Coast in the next day or two, it seems foolish to write about anything else at the moment. And so I won’t, out of respect for nature and those in its path. If nothing else, we’ll get to see if President Obama is up to the task of coordinatingContinue reading “Be well, East Coast”