Still life

  Last night, as I was waiting with my family for a fireworks display to begin, my little one amused herself by doing gymnastics moves. The soft glow of the early evening, and an outsized American flag in the vicinity, seemed like a picture in the making. As darkness drew closer, my daughter continued herContinue reading “Still life”

Come on up for the risin’

Bruce Springsteen played Fenway Park the last two nights, and by all accounts¬†they were blockbuster shows: three and a half hours, new music, old favorites, cover songs, and a¬†Johnny Pesky tribute. What more can anybody ask for? My iPod is going to be shuffling Springsteen songs–and probably nothing else–between now and September 7.

The world changed

I’m not too much of an Apple guy. I have a PC in my house, and only own one iPod, the old one that nobody else seems to want. I’d love to get an iPad, and will hopefully get one soon, and possibly an iPhone, too. But whether I’m an Apple guy or not, IContinue reading “The world changed”