The tie that abides

Ten years ago this fall I was out in New Mexico, visiting my in-laws as the Cubs were in the midst of their ill-fated playoff run. The one that took us all to the brink of the World Series, before vanishing into thin air. All these years later, and I’m still not over it, either.Continue reading “The tie that abides”

The ivy’s the thing

I recently got a 2013 baseball card for David DeJesus in a trade through the mail with Brian at 30-Year-Cardboard. I saw the card (not shown here) and realized that Wrigley Field’s ivy is probably Exhibit A of what makes the park unique. It’s been the backdrop of hundreds of baseball cards over the years,Continue reading “The ivy’s the thing”

A baseball card cliche

In addition to collecting cards of Cubs players, which inspire me to write from time to time, I also collect cards of players from other teams, if the picture on their card (front or back) can be identified as being taken in Wrigley Field. The card scans listed above are some of the cards inContinue reading “A baseball card cliche”