A lifestyle change for the better

There once was a time when Jack Daniel’s was my faithful traveling partner. At the end of a day of meetings, when going home to my family wasn’t an option, I went back to a hotel room and a bottle of Jack, instead. But everything changes in life, and over the past decade I’ve givenContinue reading “A lifestyle change for the better”

Marilyn Monroe and Jack Daniels

I’m a big Lincoln fan, as I’ve shown in this space time and again. But for some reason, I haven’t yet read Carl Sandburg’s Lincoln books, The Prairie Years and The War Years.  I’m in the process of rectifying that now, and reading these works makes me understand that the man certainly had a wayContinue reading “Marilyn Monroe and Jack Daniels”


I live in a part of Chicago that has a large Orthodox Jewish population. This means that every Saturday (or shabbos), there are Orthodox families walking to or from their religious services. And the most distinctive element of their dress, as far as the men are concerned, is the hat that they wear on theirContinue reading “Hattitude”