Remembering the Dead

Twenty years ago, Armageddon was looming for Chicago. It was a Friday night, the Grateful Dead was playing at Soldier Field, and the Bulls were poised to win the NBA championship at home against the Phoenix Suns. But things turned out in the end. The rains came–and came some more–and the Bulls lost the game,Continue reading “Remembering the Dead”

I was never a Deadhead, but….

Today would have been Jerry Garcia’s 70th birthday. Would have been, had he not been indulgent in the excesses available to a rock star. But he was a central figure in a highly successful band, and he brought a lot of joy to a lot of people, so what’s it to me or anyone elseContinue reading “I was never a Deadhead, but….”

Some of the concerts I’ve seen

  Photo ©1995 robbi cohn/dead images I wrote this for my sister a few years back, as we were getting ourselves psyched up for our first Springsteen concert. With the new Springsteen tour going on, and a concert at Wrigley Field in the near future, I wanted to dust this off. A few edits haveContinue reading “Some of the concerts I’ve seen”