If it’s hot it’ll sell

The title for this post comes from a song I heard performed on NPR by a band called Mutts. The title of the song is also the main hook, and it seems like a reasonable enough proposition: People will buy something that’s hot. And the musical Million Dollar Quartet is the hottest thing I’ve seenContinue reading “If it’s hot it’ll sell”

99 Cubsballoons go by

There’s something about the number 99. Maybe it was because I grew up watching reruns of Get Smart, and Barbara Feldon’s Agent 99 was always so much easier on the eyes—and the ears—than Don Adams’ abrasive 86. The Cubs, for their part, are closing in on 99 losses for a season, which is something theyContinue reading “99 Cubsballoons go by”

Johnny 59

As the Milwaukee Brewers continue on into the post season, I’ve noticed that their closer, John Axford, wears #59 on his uniform. It just seems like more of a football player’s number to me, as baseball players seem to wear lower numbers than that. I did some looking around for others who have worn that number overContinue reading “Johnny 59”