Images of Chicago on the city’s birthday

The city of Chicago has its birthday listed as March 4, 1837. It says so right on its city seal, so that there’s no ambiguity about it. That being the case, it’s a day for celebrating the city that I’ve called home for almost a quarter century now. Here’s some Chicago images from my archives. Enjoy!

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At the end of the day


I often go on about Chicago in this space. It’s home, and where I spend most of my days, so it feels like a natural subject to write about.

The problems that this city has are very well-known by now: Violence, shootings, segregation, parking meters, to name just a few. But one of the things that makes Chicago special is its public lakefront. Every day. people walk, or jog, or ride their bikes along the lakefront paths, hoping to find something resembling peace and/or quiet, to the extent that it can ever really be found in a city.

A few nights ago, nature decided to oblige those who came out with some clouds and a vivid sunset. Throw in the waters of Lake Michigan, and you’ve got the makings of a run to remember, as I’m sure the unknown jogger in this picture found out.